Les Séminaires de Physique de l’ESPCI


10 rue Vauquelin
75005 Paris

Brigitte Leridon
Jorge Kurchan
Elie Raphaël






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Jeudi 18 Juin
Amphi Langevin
Esc. N 2ème étage
Café à 15 H30 devant l’amphithéâtre.


Krzysztof Matyjaszewski

Carnegie Mellon University,
Center for Macromolecular Engineering
Pittsburgh, PA, 15213, USA


Copper-based ATRP (atom transfer radical polymerization) catalytic systems with polydentate nitrogen ligands such as bpy and aliphatic polyamines is among most efficient controlled/living radical polymerization systems. (1,2) Recently, by applying new initiating/catalytic systems, Cu level in ATRP was reduced to a few ppm. (3) ATRP of acrylates, methacrylates, styrenes, acrylamides, acrylonitrile and many other vinyl monomers provides polymers with molecular weights in a large range 200<Mn<20,000,000 and with low polydispersities. Polymers can be formed quantitatively in bulk, in solution and in dispersed media. Block, graft, star, hyperbranched, gradient and periodic copolymers as well as molecular brushes have been prepared. (2)
The (co)polymers made by ATRP have many potential applications as components of advanced materials such as coatings, elastomers, adhesives, surfactants, dispersants, lubricants, additives, but also as specialty materials in biomedical and electronic areas and will affect the market of ~ billion/year. Examples of design, synthesis, characterization and applications of nanostructured functional polymeric materials prepared via ATRP will be presented. (4)

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